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How to Start Riding a Scooter or Motorcycle

First Choose Your Vehicle


Scooter Information

Motor Scooters are usually offered by manufacturers in three engine sizes: 50cc; 150cc; and 250cc (“cc” stands for “cubic centimeters”).

The size of the scooter’s engine will determine how fast your scooter can go. So your choice of engine size should be based on how fast you need to drive. Higher CC, faster bike!

Some manufacturers have other engine sizes like 125cc, or more than 250cc (which are sometimes called “Maxi-scoots”).

Now that you know what size of engine you need, you’ll likely see there are several models to that offer your size of the engine. The model you choose should reflect your style.


Motorcycle Information

Motorcycles vary more widely in their CCs which is also called engine displacement. (“cc” stands for “cubic centimeters”).

The larger the volume of the cylinders (or the higher the CC), the more air and fuel the engine is able to suck in at once, and the more power the engine will be able to generate. Higher CC, faster bike!

However, a motorcycle tends to sacrifice fuel efficiency for higher CCs, as larger cylinders will deplete the amount of gas in the bike faster.

Conversely, a smaller CC number may generate less power, but likely increase the motorcycle’s miles per gallon. (This is also true if you opt for a scooter)

As of 2015 – All Motorcycles & Scooters will require a Motorcycle License.

Second Get Your License

Where to get a Motorcycle License in San Antonio

Southwest Motorcycle Training

Southwest Motorcycle Training is a family owned and operated business specializing in teaching the public how to ride a motorcycle safely and still have fun.

Motorcycle Training Center

Training is conducted on the North side of San Antonio at the Rolling Oaks Mall. The address is: 6909 North Loop 1604 East, San Antonio, Texas 78247.

Cost of Owning A Scooter

Most scooters require minimal maintenance like an oil/filter change a couple times per year depending on how often the Scooter is used.

Scooter Vs Car

Most scooters can get over 50 Mpg, the Genuine Stella 4 speed gets up to 140 Miles Per Gallon!