We love riding Scooters & Motorcycles… and so will you!

How to Start Riding a Scooter or Motorcycle:

– Scooters come in engines sizes starting at 50cc
(cc refers to Cubic Centimetres, the metric measurement of volume in the cylinder of an engine.)

Higher CC, faster bike!

– As of 2015 – All Motorcycles & Scooters will require a motorcycle license.
(You will do a written test and physical riders test)

Where to get a Motorcycle License in San Antonio:

Southwest Motorcycle Training

The Motorcycle School

Costs of Owning a Scooter:

Most scooters require minimal maintenance like an oil/filter change a couple times per year depending on how often the Scooter is used.

Car vs Scooter:

Most scooters can get over 50 Mpg, the Genuine Stella 4 speed gets up to 140 Miles Per Gallon!