Second Saturday hour change – Meet up

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Saturday, February 13, 2016 The Motorcycle Shop / Vespa San Antonio will open at 10 a.m.


Get on you Scooter, Motorcycle or Moped and meet up!

We’ll be meeting up on our bikes / scooters / mopeds @ Theory for a cup of Joe before we start our day! We will be opening at 10 a.m. each second Saturday to meet for the following months.theory_san_antonio_espresso_coffee_cup_logo

2347 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209


1983 Sachs General 5Star Moped

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1983 Sachs General

1983 Sachs General front  1983 Sachs General Gas Tank  1983 Sachs General left  1983 Sachs General Speedo

1983 Sachs General engine  1983 Sachs General Exhaust

1983 Sachs General 5 Star Top-Tank Moped, 2-stroke engine, all stock, just got it running, speedo-headlight-taillight works, new Michilen tires, Price $995.00

2012 Royal Enfield C5

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2012 Royal Enfield

2012 Royal Enfield engine  2012 Royal Enfield windscreen  2012 Royal Enfield wheel  2012 Royal Enfield back

2012 Royal Enfield speedo  2012 Royal Enfield left

2012 Royal Enfield C5, Classic 500 Style, Added Rear Rack and Givi Windscreen, Only 1300 Miles, Fun Bike to ride around town and back roads, Fuel Injected, The same classic style from the 1950’s, Lots of fun to ride, Price $3695.00

1978 Honda Hobbit Moped

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1978 Honda Hobbit

1978 Honda Hobbit CVT  1978 Honda Hobbit speedo  1978 Honda Hobbit Rack  1978 Honda Hobbit left

1978 Honda Hobbit back  1978 Honda Hobbit front wheel  1978 Honda Hobbit engine

1978 Honda Hobbit 50 moped, Classic, All Original Moped with only 72 miles on it! We just got it running, everything works on it, no title, will come with a Bill of Sale, Perfect pit bike or for camping, Price $995.00

New Chicago Scooter – GO 50, Now in Stock

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Chicago Scooter Go 50

Chicago Scooter Go 50 front wheel  Chicago Scooter Go 50 white  Chicago Scooter Go 50 exhaust  Chicago Scooter Go 50 Storage

Chicago Scooter Go 50 speedo  Chicago Scooter Go 50 rear wheel  Chicago Scooter Go 50 left

New Chicago Scooter – GO 50cc scooter now in stock, 4-Stroke, CVT Automatic Transmission, 10″ wheels, Electric and kick start, Disk Brake Front with a Rear Drum Brake, Under Seat Storage, 100 mpg, 30mph top speed, 172lbs, 28.5″ seat height, 1 year / limited parts warrenty, colors are white, flat black, teal, MSRP $1099.00

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