Pint-sized fun! That’s probably the best way to describe the Honda Ruckus. 49 cubic centimeters of pure joy that’s got all the looks you need to rip around town in real style. Two headlights, two brakes…and one big smile on your face.

What really sets this particular 2017 Ruckus apart is the Yoshimuri exhaust (why not!) and the lowered seat bracket. But even at 6’2″, this writer can still fit comfortably on this scooter (but hey, I also manage to fit into that Mini in the background).

There really isn’t much to say here…it’s a Honda, it’s got that Mad Max (or perhaps zombie apocalypse) vibe, and it will definitely get you from Point A to Point B with a smile on your face. You can also park it darn near anywhere. Need to turn around in a tight space? Pick it up and swing it around! Come on in and check it out. With only 389 miles and priced at $2195, this one is sure to sell quick…

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