Okay, sorry about the pun. Couldn’t help myself. But it all seriousness, this Piaggio will really fly down the road. (Darn, did it again.)

Piaggio is the parent company for Vespa, Piaggio and Aprilia school, so you’re know your riding in good company should you choose to make this scooter yours. With a 150cc engine, this bike is good for riding not only your neighborhood streets, but also the avenues and parkways that link our neighborhoods — a great way to get around town! Since it has a matching top case installed, it will also be great for running errands. You would be amazed how much stuff you can put in one of those cases.

This particular scooter only has 800 miles on the odometer. Since being purchased, it has come into our shop for regular maintenance. As is stands, it is currently serviced and has a new battery. Ready to ride!

Come in and check out this Piaggio, but don’t hesitate. It’s guaranteed to fly out the door! (Oops, sorry…)