New Motor Scooter For Sale:

2017 Buddy Kick 125cc
100+ MPG
Shown with upgrades:
Top box
Wind screen
Side rails
MSRP: $3,199

The Buddy Kick 125cc is a great scooter to get you around town with 100 plus miles per gallon you can keep on riding your scooter.
You will need a motorcycle license to ride 50cc and up.

Experience the power and performance of Genuine’s newest fuel injected 125cc scooter called the Buddy Kick! Priced with an MSRP of $3,199, this scooter is superior in quality to much higher priced scooters on the market today. With front and rear disc brakes, dual rear shocks and many other high-end features, the Buddy Kick is a well-designed scooter that proudly rounds out Genuine’s Buddy product line.

Experience a superior scooter at an affordable price – get a Buddy Kick! today.” –