Yes, it really is true. Pink was a “thing” back in the 1980’s. And this Suzuki  FA50 scooter is proof in living color.

But ya gotta admit, it is pretty cute. And rare, especially in this condition — only 137 miles! The possible uses are many. It would make a great pit bike, or a fun grocery getter. Use your imagination — wherever you take it, it’s guaranteed to get attention.

The FA50 has a straighforward setup. Basic forks in front, 50cc two-stroke engine, single-sided swingarm in back. Speedometer, solo seat and large luggage rack. Cable-actuated drum brakes front and rear. Fully setup for street legal operation, including electric horn and turn signals.

Some might call it a moped; others a scooter. But I’m a purist. A moped has bicycle-style pedals and chain; a scooter has footpegs or footrests, along with a kickstarter (in this case). Although this one could go either way due to its large, spoked wheels and bicycle-style forks, I’m gonna call it a scooter simply based on the footpegs. Either way, it’s pure fun.

This bike is available for $1295, but be aware there is no title. That won’t be a problem if you plan to use it on private property. If you want to make it street legal, you can obtain a “bonded title” through TexasDMV. As a bonus, it is eligible for Texas Antique license plates. Be unique…and pretty in pink.