At The Motorcycle Shop, we buy and sell interesting project bikes. Sometimes we keep them for restoration and parts, and sometimes we share the fun with you, our customer. Here’s something interesting that came in recently. This 1976 Yamaha Enduro 360 comes from the Golden Age of 2-Strokes, which ran from the late 1960’s through the mid-1970’s, before emissions regulations forced the transition to cleaner-running 4-strokes.

What makes a 2-stroke so interesting? They produce considerably more power for their displacement, and the engines are lighter because there is no valvetrain to deal with. Of course, much of the power comes on near the top of the RPM range (what we used to call “getting on the pipe”), but that’s what makes these bikes so much fun!

With a displacement of 360cc, this bike should be something of a screamer once restored. And this one will require its fair share of TLC. It was obviously ridden hard and put up wet, but there’s enough goodness left here that this bike should be saved — although admittedly this project will be somewhat challenging. But hey…winter is coming. Time to have something to do in the shop when those cold northers blow through.

This particular challenge can be yours for only $500. Be sure to drop by and visit us soon — we’ll be happy to tell you anything you need to know about this bike (based upon what we know, of course).

We look forward to seeing you…and even more importantly, we look forward to seeing this bike run once you’ve finished restoring it!