*SOLD* This one went quickly…

“Wow!” That’s pretty much what we all said when this bike arrived at our shop. This ZRX1200R has been sitting in storage for most of its life — only 9,411 miles. Naturally, it needed some TLC before we put it up for sale, but that’s okay. You can see it has new tires and everything has been checked to make sure it’s working okay.

What is it about this bike that makes it so appealing to people? It’s an iconic design based upon the Eddie Lawson Replica KZ1000R sold in 1982. Lawson was a superbike racing champion of his time, and the looks of this bike have stood the test of time. Although the ZRX1200 series hasn’t been sold here since 2005, it continued in production in Japan until 2016.

Since we all know it’s go plenty to show, how well does it go? It’s quite awesome in the power and handling department, to be sure. I have a friend with one and I’ve had the opportunity to ride it a couple of times. Since it’s rated at 122 hp / 80.7 lb ft, there’s plenty of power. But what makes it so nice to ride is how linear the power delivery is. Need to go slow through a school zone? No problem. Want to cruise at the speed limit on the highway? No drama. Want to go like a screaming madman down the road? You bet.

It’s an inline 4-cylinder engine with liquid cooling and four 36mm Keihin CV carbs. Brakes are more than ample, as you can see in the photo. Suspension is fully adjustable front and rear. The overall configuration of the bike is quite standard. It’s a very comfortable ride overall.

In its current form, this ZRX1200R is pretty much all stock. If you want to keep it that way, no problem. But there is a huge performance aftermarket for this bike, depending on what your goals are. People do all sorts of outrageous modifications to these bikes, but that would be your personal choice. Performance, riding position, suspension…you can do it all. Or just keep it stock. Either way this is a very enjoyable bike.

Sadly, this bike has suffered one unfortunate incident. Somebody spilled blue paint on the gas tank a while back, and it ain’t going away. Just tell people it’s a custom factory paint job, or some such. Given this, the bike is fairly priced at $3,595. Completely ready to roll out the door and put a smile on your face. Come visit us soon…this one will not last!

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