Okay, I admit it. I’m biased. I like these bikes so much I’ve owned two of them! They’re like the Swiss Army Knife of motorcycles — you can do darn near anything you want with one of these, without blowing your budget in the process. The 250-to-400cc class of motorcycles is often overlooked in the craving for more displacement and power, which I consider to be a mistake. If you have never tried one of these, please come check it out! They are light and handle like nobody’s business. Capable on both the freeway and in the dirt.

The KLX250S is the dual-sport version of the KLX250 family, and as such it makes a great starting point to create the motorcycle YOU want. It currently has dual-sport tires, and of course it’s street legal. For day trips, leave it as it is and get on the freeway to go find some dirt to play in. If you want to travel longer distances, add saddlebags and whatever other accessories you deem necessary…and hit the road. And finally, for the hooligans out there, turn it into a supermoto with smaller wheels and street tires — I had the supermoto version of this bike myself. Accessories and plentiful for this bike — that’s part of its appeal.

Okay, so you want to know some technical stuff. It has a dual-overhead cam, 4-valve, single-cylinder 250cc water-cooled engine (that was a mouthful!). A Keihin CVK carburetor provides the correct fuel/air mixture. 6-speed transmission. Disc brakes front and rear. Inverted forks in front, monoshock setup in back. Room for two, if you so desire. And of course, Kawasaki durability and reliability.

What more can be said? It has only 1500 miles, and we’re asking $2,895 (plus TT&L). Come check it out for yourself…soon!