Most often, people remember Honda motorcycles for the legendary CB750 inline-four. But it was actually the parallel-twin bikes that are the workhorses of the Honda lineup. To this day, you’ll find them zipping all around cities in Asia and Africa, providing daily transportation, while in North America we’ve been satiating our appetite for bigger and bigger displacement bikes.

No matter. You can still find great examples of these smaller bikes if you’re patient enough, and this Nighthawk 250 is no exception to this rule. These bikes are simple, straightforward and known for their reliability. The smooth-running engine is an air-cooled two-cylinder unit with a single overhead cam and five-speed gearbox. Brakes are mechanical drum front and rear. Instrumentation includes a speedometer and a full set of indicator lights. There’s plenty of room for a passenger on the back, when it’s time for two-up riding.

Basically, these are great city bikes. There’s enough get-up-and-go in order to take short hops on the freeway, and the light weight makes for nimble handling to help you avoid any hazards you might encounter.

At $1,595, it would be hard to go wrong with this bike. Just remember to change the oil regularly and maintain proper tire pressure…and ride it regularly! It will be sure to put a smile on your face.

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