They say that one good thing leads to another, or perhaps it’s “while we’re at it”, but in any case we’ve got more than one construction project going on here at The Motorcycle Shop.

For starters, our showroom has been in the process of being remodeled. It all started with tearing out the drop ceiling…and then well, how about some new lighting. Why don’t we upgrade the fixtures and do some rearranging? Yep, it all started with one good idea that ended up being a major project.

At this point, the job is almost done…but there are still a couple of walls just begging to be knocked down. We’ll keep you posted on when the project is finished. In the meantime, we’ve got lots of bikes in our inventory…and plenty of room for them, so feel free to drop by and check out both the bikes and the work in progress.

So, if we’ve got a nicely remodeled showroom, how about an updated website to go with it? Yep, it’s been needing some attention as well. For starters, it was time to clean out all the old posts…some dating back over 10 years! Now it’s a matter of rebuilding the site with current inventory, as well as keeping up with news and events (like this).

So on both accounts, please be patient and pardon our dust. Whether you visit our showroom or check out this website, you’re going to find that everything is new and improved!